Om Sai Ram

"Sabka Malik Ek" -> God is One

Sai Baba Books




    Chapter 1        Chapter 11          Chapter 21          Chapter  31     Chapter  41

    Chapter 2       Chapter 12          Chapter 22          Chapter 32      Chapter 42 

   Chapter 3       Chapter 13          Chapter 23          Chapter  33    Chapter43&44

   Chapter 4        Chapter 14          Chapter 24          Chapter 34   

   Chapter 5        Chapter 15          Chapter 25          Chapter 35       Chapter  45

   Chapter 6        Chapter 16&17   Chapter 26         Chapter 36        Chapter  46

   Chapter 7                                   Chapter 27         Chapter 37       Chapter  47

   Chapter 8        Chapter 18&19   Chapter 28         Chapter 38        Chapter  48

   Chapter 9                                   Chapter 29         Chapter 39        Chapter  49

   Chapter 10     Chapter 20          Chapter 30         Chapter 40        Chapter50



Click the links to read or download the each chapters of  Sai Satcharita.




Click the link to read or download the book

  9 Thursdays Vrat And Puja Of  Shri Sai Baba Of Shirdi.



10 Responses to “Sai Baba Books”

  1. poornima said

    very good…thank you so much…

  2. vithal said

    send some news

  3. amar pratap singh said

    baba plz followed me on the way of your sai charitra by you. tera dar hai daya ka sagar jo bhi aaye bhare gagar tera mandir sabka madina jo bhi aaye seekhe jeena.

  4. Om Sri Sai Ram

  5. Om Sri Sai Ram

  6. baskar said

    one n only sai baba om sri sai ram namaha

  7. V.C. SHEKHAR said

    Om Sri Sai Ram

  8. Vinayakamurthy C. said

    Om Sai Ram

  9. OM SAI RAM KI JAI, i want to some news, i would really like himmm…

  10. Venkatesh said

    Very nice to see editable soft copy available. Wish to have same in other langauage. Kindly provide link for soft copy in other language

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