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Live Darshan from ” Shirdi “

Samadhi Mandhir history.


Two or three days previous, Baba had stopped His morning peregrinations and begging rounds and sat in the Masjid. He was conscious to the last and was advising the devotees not to lose heart. He let nobody know the exact time of His departure. Kakasaheb Dixit and Shriman Booty were dining daily with Him in the Masjid. That day (15th October) after arati, He asked them to go to their residence for dining. Still a few, viz., Laxmibai Shinde, Bhagoji Shinde, Bayaji, Laxman Bala Shimpi and Nanasaheb Nimonkar remained there. Shama was sitting down on the steps. After giving Rs. 9/- to Laxmibai Shinde, Baba said that He did not feel well there (in the Masjid) and that He should be taken to the Dagadi (stone) Wada of Booty, where He would be alright. Saying these last words, He leaned on Bayaji’s body and breathed His last. Bhagoji noticed that His breathing had stopped and he immediately told this to Nanasaheb Nimonkar who was sitting below. Nanasaheb brought some water and poured it in Baba’s mouth. It came out. Then he cried out loudly ‘Oh Deva.’ Baba seemed just to open His eyes and say ‘Ah’ in a low tone. But it soon become evident that Baba had left His body for good.

The news of Baba’s passing away spread like a wild fire in the village of Shirdi and all people, men, women and children ran to the Masjid and began to mourn this loss in various ways. Some cried out loudly, some wallowed on in the streets and some fell down senseless. Tears ran down from the eyes of all and every one was smitten with sorrow.

Then the question arose – How to dispose off Baba’s body? Some (Mahomedans) said that the body should be interred in an open space and a tomb built over it. Even Khushalchand and Amir Shakkar shared this opinion. But Ramachandra Patil, the village officer said to the villagers with a firm and determined voice, “Your thought is not acceptable to us. Baba’s body should be nowhere placed except in the Wada.” Thus people were divided on this point and discussion regarding this point went on for 36 hours.

On Wednesday morning Baba appeared to Laxman Mama Joshi in his dream and drawing him by His hand said – “Get up soon; Bapusaheb thinks that I am dead and so he won’t come; you do the worship and the Kakad (morning) arati.” Laxman Mama was the village astrologer and was the maternal uncle of Shama. He was an orthodox Brahmin and daily first worshipped Baba in the morning and then all the village deities. He had full faith in Baba. After the vision he came with all the pooja materials and not minding the protests of the moulvis, did the Pooja and the Kakad arati with all due formalities and went away. Then at noon Bapusaheb Jog came with all others and went through the noon-arati ceremony as usual.

Paying due respect to Baba’s words the people decided to place His body in the Wada and started digging the central portion there.

On Wednesday evening Baba’s body was taken in procession and brought to the Wada and was interred there with due formalities in the garbha, i.e., the central portion reserved for Murlidhar. In fact Baba became the Murlidhar and the Wada became a temple and a holy shrine, where so many devotees went and are going now to find rest and peace. All the obsequies of Baba were duly performed by Balasaheb Bhate and Upasani, a great devotee of Baba.

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66 Responses to “Live Darshan from ” Shirdi “”

  1. sangeeta said

    Help to every one to sh ow the right path and positive thinking

  2. ramesh said

    saibaba meri taklife dur karo

  3. VEERES said


  4. VEERES said


  5. baba i always think of you and believe in you. I just finished a 7 day parayana. i am in a lot of difficulty. please bless me and take care of all my problems as i am leaving them in your joli.

    • shirdisainath said

      Dear Sai Devotee ,
      plz stop worrying about ur problems, everything will vanish as time goes,,,,, Om Sai Ram…. just have faith and patience

  6. ramjisingh said

    its wonderful

  7. saminathan said

    i need big size wall papaer baba photo’s

  8. uma said

    Baba u r my soul and my with me and my family and help us to b in right path.Love u baba…

  9. keshava said

    lot of miracles happening in sanfracisco, ca. you can see on internet

  10. nirmal kapoor said

    oh baba mai kuch nahi kahna chahti aap to sab jante ho aap se kuch bhi nahi chupa baba meri manokamna puri kar do mai tumara bhandara karna chahati ho baba bacho ke rahne ke liye ek makan bana do gagan ko bhi set kar do baba aap apne khajane se sab ko thoda dete ho muje bhi apne khajane me se kuch do mai etni pareshan hu baba meri madad karo inko bhi sahi kar do om sai ram om sai ram

  11. Abhilash Kulkarni said

    samarth sadguru Sri Sainath Maharaj ki jai

    Om Sai Ram

  12. amar pratap singh said

    o my lord and sadguru baba sai jabse aap ka sath mila hai tabse mera sab kaam ho raha hai. so baba i requested to you very kindly that ” apni kripa humpe always banaye rakhna aur mujhe kisi bhi prakar se alag nahi karna. yours “saidas amar singh new delhi 8527017177

  13. amar pratap singh said

    baba i and my family want to be your lovelyand attractive mabdir after done my shirdi wish so baba plz raham nazar karo ab mere sai tum bin nahi mujhe maa baap bhai . raham farmao hazi ali karam farmao hazi ali raham farmao deva sharif karam farmao deva sharif raham farmao dana miya karam farmao dana miya , raham farmao my village firingi baba , i am waiting your all swaroop of my sadguru sai baba. awadhesh pratap singh and family , jai sai ram aadi na anth tumhara tumhe shradha naman hamara.

  14. Chahat Dosi said

    Sai Baba you are my love and my life, i can’t breath without your wish so plz keep blessing me alwayz my sai baba love u a lot……SABKA MALIK EK-SAI NATH

  15. L.SATISH KUMAR said

    om sai sri sai jay jay sai om sai sri sai jaya jaya sai om sai sri sai jaya jaya sai om sai sri sai jaya jaya sai om sai sri sai jaya jaya sai om sai ram


    he sai baba is dharti par sab logo par apni dya rakna
    sab sadmarg par cle asa aashirvad dena baba ,
    agar muj se koi galti ho gai ho to muje maaf kar dena sai baba

  17. lavkush said

    hey sai baba my stomach pain dor kar doo please om sai ram

  18. lavkush said

    plse sai baba becoz today i have to join ship in korea plse sai baba

  19. shashi kant said

    Om sai Ram Namo
    sai baba g Mare bill power kafi kum ho gye hai aur main humesha daraa -dara rahta hu. Aur humesha gulat society ke tarf ke aur jaa raha u . Mara man humasha ek dar bata raha ha sai baba muja bhut jaldi he tension ho jate hai . Sai baba g app tho sab kucha janta hai plz muja rasta dikiya aur muj pa apne asheem kirpa banyia

    shashi kant

  20. sri said

    sabka malik sai jai sri sai

  21. Rahul said

    Sai baba, from past 2 years, i am not able to come to shirdi, i request you to kindly allow me to come to shirdi and take your blessings.
    Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram,
    Rahul from Delhi

  22. Dheeraj said

    Sirf do khwahishein hain mere baba… ek to apne gaon mein aapka mandir banwana aur shirdi mein aapke darshan ko jaana. Baba poore karo mere khwab. OM SAI RAM

  23. Rahul Mehta said

    shashi kant
    din main do baar sai baba ki aarti karo 15 din tak lagatar – subah ghar par aur raat ko sai baba ke mandir main. 15 din main sub kuch theek ho jayega.
    Om Sai Ram

  24. DIVYA said


  25. lochan said

    sai ram …baba ek baar mere poore pariwar ko shirdi bulaaye…

  26. bindia said

    om sai ram, baba mije mere pati ke ssat sardi bulio na, baba muje satbhude, sahansakti dena. apna haat hamesha mere sar pr rakhna, hamesha mere margdarsan krte rahne. mere life jo kuch b accha ho ra hai sab aoke kripa hai ,bas aise he kripa baneya rakhna,
    aapko sat-sat parnam baba.


  27. poonam said

    Baba kahtey hai:

    baba se mat kaho,

    meri samasya bari vikat hai,

    samasya se kaho

    mere baba mere nikat hai

  28. GANESH said

    Om SAI Just Keep on Shower your blessing on me and with your grace and support i should cross all the burdles and nobody should stand as a inteference in my life remove them with your power if they try to do harmness you should make them to disappear as a miracle and help me in all aspects to continue in the same in which right now i am. With strong prayer OM SAI

  29. vishal said

    om sai ram………..get me out of sis its very painful baba………..r u listening ….baba baba baba baba…

  30. vishal said

    om sai ram………..get me out of dis its very painful baba………..r u listening ….baba baba baba baba

  31. vishal said

    u will help me baba ….hai na aaa

  32. vimalasubramanya said

    sai bless all who all are suffering

  33. vimalasubramanya said

    i belive in sai sai bless me

  34. saikibeti said

    baba apne bachcho ki har icchha puri kariye sai…unhe sahi rasta dikhayega..aap hi hamare sab kuchh ho baba…om sai ram

  35. Shalini Kapoor said

    Baba i’m coming to you as promised. U promise to remain in my heart always. Be kind to me. Don’t want to ask for too much as u have been very generous. Om Sai Ram!

  36. s.l . khandelwal said

    साईं बाबा सबकी मुरादे पूरी करते है

  37. jivika said

    sai baba is very nice
    sai baba meri sari wish puri kiye iske liye apko koti koti naman


  38. Manoj Pal said

    Om Shri Ganeshay Namah
    Om Sai Nathay Namah
    Baba Aap is Kalyug mei GOD ke Avtaar hai.
    Baba Mere Sankat Door Kijiye!!!!!!!!!

  39. Ramakanta mohapatra gopalpur,cuttack,orissa said

    Sai baba meri paristhitee bahati kharav chalraha he Assi lagta he ki meri antim samaya agei. Qki apko 3 saal hogaya meri duksh pesh kartahu lekin duksh apni app badhati. Rahe yadi essi chalega to meri jivan ka ghanti bahti jald banda ho jaega. Please sai baba apki chamatkar dikhake mujhe bachao.omm sai ram namh

  40. Neeraj said

    Jai Sai Ram

  41. kamal raghav said

    jai sai ram sab par kirpa rakna

  42. mouli said

    sai i need aarti songs.

  43. yogesh said

    sai baba u know every thing……i love my family for this some time i take some wrong steps baba plese kuch esa karo ki me esa kuch nahi karu …..please clean my mind ……sirf mere man me me aap ho baba

  44. yogesh said

    sai meri rakcha karna

  45. om sai ram

  46. Omparkash said


  47. Omparkash said


  48. Omparkash said


  49. Incredible points. Outstanding medson spartec questions.
    Continue the great work.

    This particular info strony internetowe is worth everyone’s attention.
    When could I discover more?

  50. Raushan Shrivastava said

    ||om sai ram||

    Dear sai

    I am writing my prayer to you bcoz from long time ago I am consistently praying and my scenario changed to worsed.

    Sainath aapko sab kuch pta hai..aap sabki madad karte ho meri b madad kr do na baba…kab se arji laga rha hu. Meri ruthi Baanie ko mna do na baba…kripa karo na guru dev.
    Mai or Baanie ek dusre ko bahut pyar karte the, pr is se pehle meri ek ladki k sath relationship tha, jise btana mai jaruri samjhta tha… Kab tAk mai ghut-ta isliye Maine apni gunah apni Baanie ko bta diya… Or wo us din se gussa hai.. Maine bahut mnaya use, uske b’day me gya, wo bahut khush thi, pr uski do saheliyo ne use yu bhadkaya ki usne sare riste pal bhar me hi tod diye…

    Usne mujhe block kar rakha hai bilkul bat nhi karti unknown no. se b cal karne par.
    Guru sai nath mai use Feb se manane ki koshish kar rha hu, pr ab mera viswas dolne lga hai… Plz satguru sainath meri Baani or uske pyar ko lauta do na…

    Kahte hai na sai baba ki apke shirdi se koi khali hath nhi laut’ta. Mai 23 ko aa rha hu, fir uske shahar jaunga, pta nhi wo milegi bhi ki nhi… Please sainath meri madad kro…
    Please pray for me, I am loosing my hope day-by-day. Kahte hai duao me bahut takat hoti hai…mai puri din prarthna karta rahta hu, wrat, path sabkuch kar rha hu please mujhpr kripa karo…
    Meri prarthna suno devaa…dya kro prabhu.
    Please bless me baabaa with your love and kindness.

    ||om sai ram||
    ||om sai ram||
    ||om sai ram||

  51. It is the best derision of the temple trustees to offer live Shirdi darshan to lakhs of Sai devotees spread around the world who are unable to come to Shirdi the abode of Saibaba and take part in the daily prayers as well as other routine worshipping activities

  52. mln said

    I will be 50 years old in a couple of years. My entire life has been full of disasters and failures. Only 1 or 2 good things have happened. Will I ever come out of this bad situation and be happy in this birth?

    • shirdisainath said

      What have you done in past birth will reflect in your present brith. So do good things and get rewarded in your next birth .
      Om Sai Ram

  53. Anjana said

    Om sai ram! Sai bahut pareshan hain. Jeene ki bhi ichcha nahi hai. Bas aap hi ke naam ke sahare saanse le rahe hain. Plz hamare kasht door karo.
    Om sai ram!

  54. archana singh said

    sai baba aapne meri bhut madad ki h koi kuch bhi khe lakin baba main manti hun aap mere sath hn baba plz meri shadi ho gyi h mujhe ek pyara sa beta de do

  55. g.swethapriya said

    i believe baba i love baba very much


    Baba meri pareshani dur karo. din bahut kam hai aap se kuch bhi chupa nahi hai.
    kuch toh madad sai ram..

  57. Kiran naik said

    Omm sairam baba mujhe ak bar apki siridi dham ko lejao plz

  58. manoj shakya said

    jai ho said ram ki said shyam ki kirpa karo meregjat par

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