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Life History Of Sai Baba

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Jai Sai Ram

Sai Baba’s origin is completely unknown to this day. He did not disclose to anyone where he was born nor where he grew up. Because of his unknown past, various communities have claimed that he belongs to them. Nothing has been substantiated, however. It is known that he spent considerable period with fakirs. His attire resembled that of a Muslim fakir. He regularly visited mosques and ate meat as well.

Baba reportedly arrived at the village of Shirdi in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra, India, when he was about sixteen years old. Although there is no agreement among biographers about the date of this event, it is generally accepted that Baba stayed in Shirdi for three years, disappeared for a year and returned permanently around 1858, which posits a possible birth year of 1838.He led an ascetic life, sitting motionless under a neem tree and meditating while sitting in an asana. The Sai Satcharita recounts the reaction of the villagers

The people of the village were wonder-struck to see such a young lad practicing hard penance, not minding heat or cold. By day he associated with no one, by night he was afraid of nobody.

His presence attracted the curiosity of the villagers and the religiously-inclined such as Mhalsapati, Appa Jogle and Kashinatha regularly visited him, while others such as the village children considered him mad and threw stones at him.After some time he left the village, and it is unknown where he stayed at that time or what happened to him. However, there are some indications that he met with many saints and fakirs, and worked as a weaver; he claimed to have fought with the army of Rani Lakshmibai of Jhansi during the Indian Rebellion of 1857.

Shirdi and Sai Teaching

In 1858 Sai Baba returned to Shirdi with Chand Patil’s wedding procession. After alighting near the Khandoba temple he was greeted with the words “Ya Sai” (welcome saint) by the temple priest Mhalsapati. The name Sai stuck to him and some time later he started being known as Sai Baba. It was around this time that Baba adopted his famous style of dress, consisting of a knee-length one-piece robe (kafni) and a cloth cap. Ramgir Bua, a devotee, testified that Baba was dressed like an athlete and sported ‘long hair flowing down to his buttocks’ when he arrived in Shirdi, and that he never had his head shaved. It was only after Baba forfeited a wrestling match with one Mohdin Tamboli that he took up the kafni and cloth cap, articles of typically Sufi clothing. This attire contributed to Baba’s identification as a Muslim fakir, and was a reason for initial indifference and hostility against him in a predominantly Hindu village.According to B.V. Narasimhaswami, a posthumous follower who was widely praised as Sai Baba’s “apostle”, this attitude was prevalent even among some of his devotees in Shirdi, even up to 1954.

For four to five years Baba lived under a neem tree, and often wandered for long periods in the jungle in and around Shirdi. His manner was said to be withdrawn and uncommunicative as he undertook long periods of meditation. He was eventually persuaded to take up residence in an old and dilapidated mosque and lived a solitary life there, surviving by begging for alms and receiving itinerant Hindu or Muslim visitors. In the mosque he maintained a sacred fire which is referred to as a dhuni, from which he had the custom of giving sacred ash (‘Udhi’) to his guests before they left and which was believed to have healing powers and protection from dangerous situations. At first he performed the function of a local hakim and treated the sick by application of Udhi. Baba also delivered spiritual teachings to his visitors, recommending the reading of sacred Hindu texts along with the Qur’an, especially insisting on the indispensability of the unbroken remembrance of God’s name (dhikr, japa). He often expressed himself in a cryptic manner with the use of parables, symbols and allegories. He participated in religious festivals and was also in the habit of preparing food for his visitors, which he distributed to them as prasad. Sai Baba’s entertainment was dancing and singing religious songs (he enjoyed the songs of Kabir most). His behaviour was sometimes uncouth and violent.

After 1910 Sai Baba’s fame began to spread in Mumbai. Numerous people started visiting him, because they regarded him as a saint (or even an avatar) with the power of performing miracles and they built his first ever temple at Bhivpuri, Karjat as desired by Sai Baba.



Sai Baba took Mahasamadhi (departure) on October 15, 1918 at 2.30pm. He took samadhi on the lap of one of his devotees with hardly any belongings, and was buried in the “Buty Wada” according to his wish. Later a mandir was built there known as the “Samadhi Mandir”.


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      • hi to all my frnds,
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    i had been to shirdi once to get sai babas blessings. the moment i entered the temple, it became difficult for me to control n the moment i was close to sai baba ,i was crying like a child n to tell him all abt that has happened tho he knows everything(WOH TOH ANTERYAMI HAIN) i am looking forward to a day wen he takes away all my ills n blesses our family. i know he wud certainly BLESS. baba kuch kijiye.OM SAI, JAI JAI,SAI.

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    Baba did not come and save my dad despite my cries and unbelievable trust i had in Him,Where was he when my dad was suffering?
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    sai ram i’m ur daughter and would be till my last breath,,i believe u as my father..

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    Hello 2 all the followers !
    I wnt 2 share
    that from the time i belived shri Sai Baba i m very happy and got peace of mind. And recently in octomber i visited Shirdi and my long awaited decision has just gone through and very fast i hv’t imagined about it.
    And today 27/11/2011 it read the life story i feel that now
    i hv some knowledge ..regarding Baba.
    Thanks 2 all who shared there experience .

    Have Faith And Patience.

    Whatever happens it is for good.

    What so ever.
    JAI SAI BABA. . .

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    I have stomach problems and giddiness of wife is a staunch devotee of shirdi saibaba. Irequest devotees to pray for me also during their prayers.basicallyi am a strongdevotee of ourhindu religon and dolng prayers.ii believe others prayer will be mmore effective.

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    we should ask from god, not to ask human like us.
    look around u the tree the sky the ground …. there is someone made it u should ask who made it
    look to yourself you came from nothing and now u are human … u should ask who created u .
    don’t ask human for something only god can do .

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    This is the first time i am hearing and reading of history and miracles of shri baba.
    i admired the all things to baba.
    In the world every human being having no.of challenges,for the all things Baba will take care of wories,feelings etc,..

    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram

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    I have a problem in my life which has not been solved for 3 years now .I recently only become a devotee of Sairam .Praying him .He is my last hope

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    one man army

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    sai means miracle…….i did not know who is sai and what is sai? i never know about the name of SAI in my 24 years life…through one of my friend i came to know about sai,once she was sharing the experience of miracle of sai among friends which actually happened with her…sai name came in life just 1 year back,aur jb bii sai kisi ke paas jate hain toh woh ek maksd se jaate hain,..there are millions of devotees of sai around the world….sai ke paas koi nai jaate,sai apne bhakataon ke paas khud aaate hai…jai sai

    i was goin through the worst timings of my life,and then something hit my mind and i started keeping the fast of sai babaji on Thursday…before the uddyapan ,one saint came to my home and he answered all things that i have been praying to sai baba jii…that man was not saint he was my sai…..i did not realize that was my sai…but sooner .when the things were getting in to reality as per his words,then i realized he was my sai….

    Sai is alive,he is everywhere…whenever his devotee or a aperson who is true from his heart and deeds,then sai himself comes to help himout/..
    Those people are very lucky who are devotees of sai…In real life,they have booked their special place in heart of sai or heaven…
    Jai sainath..

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    Sachitananda sadguru sai nath maha raj ki Jai…………Keep trust on Sai, he will do anything for you.

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  65. Just now i red the story of baba and i am inspired to it and i also learned many things from it jai bolo sathguru sairam ke

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      As of my knowledge BABA is a GOD in the form of Man.Only if GOD has a form he can help,so BABA took birth in the form of man to give hands to lift us from sorrows.OM SAI RAM.Sorry if i was wrong BABA.

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  106. I Mr.Prashant .A.Kerkar also visited at saibaba temple at shirdi.I feel very peaceful & joyness.When i had keep the steps at saibaba mandir i fell that all my sorrow,difficulties will be gone for ever.I loves god saibaba very much.

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    he wil take care of all.
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    Sai Baba! Please give my Sathish back to my life.. I need my Sathish soon and I need to get marry with him Sai Baba. He has to forget all the negative things happened in the past and he should feel that he has to be truthfull even after this moment and love me truely and propose me soon as i expect. He should tell me “I love you Suji… I need you to my life and you are everything and I no need anything other than you… I will never witrey you anymore… will marry soon and start our life happily and love you Suji”. He must be mad on me like i mad on him… Sai Baba, he should have only me in his heart and he should not even talk or message or think about Usha and Vidya… He should feel only about me… Please give the best life to Vidya and Usha with someone who really good and I need my Sathish with good attitude…. He should feel my real love soon and come back soon. My Sathish should marry me before my brother gets marry.

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    When will i get the jop & house baba plz tel me

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      Sai Baba when will i get the free from this problem plz plz plz baba save me &plz give. Me a government job baba plz i will. Never forget in my life time babai believed in u baba ur the live god ..

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    shore u definetly going to get job don’t worry..sai baba

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    baba i am facing so many problems in my life for the past 15 years. pls safe me and my daughter baba. i have complete believe on you . i am waiting for your helping hands in my problems. i want to life peacefully with my daughter. pls let me free from my regular problem creator.

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    Om Sri Sai ram am believing on you, am assuring that you will solve my problems… please help me baba. you know what’s my problem please baba am waiting for your help.

  126. I really miss my GOD, Sri SAI BABA is a biggest & honest & lot of loving person, i miss you imiss you i really miss you DEAR Shirdi Sai Samy…..AUM SAI RAM ke JAI.

  127. hi dad, Sorry for disturbing you, Ineed some help SO please live to me & please help me, am waiting dad.

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    I am a devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba, when am in problem or getting tense i just speak(pray) with baba and will get relax myself. I’ve selected in MNC company but still now i did not receive my offer letter it getting late but i’ve a faith in baba. but eventhough i am getting tension of this.
    Please baba solve this and bless me.

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    Om sai ram .please help me to slove my problems .protect my family with your blessings .

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    • sridevi said

      we are facing very critical situation now a day. we dont have any support from my father side & my mother side . we five member share each and every thing. so we waiting for my sister marriage but it was not happening

      • shirdisainath said

        Have faith and patience with Sai Baba.. Your prayers will be answered soon … Om Sai Ram

    • sridevi said

      please be a support to my dad . he dont have strength to fight to any one

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    Lv u baba.. grt to have u. Om sai ram.

    • ushavenkatesh said

      Baba I need a job in my campusplacement of my college in an mnc company ti prove my self. Please bless me baba

      • shirdisainath said

        Have faith and patience on Baba.. Think of him and feed poor .. Your prayers will be answered … Om Sai Ram..

  132. usha venkatesh uv said

    Sri sri sri anantha koti brahmanda nayaka rajadi raja yogi raja parabrahma sri sachidananda samarda sadguru sri sainath maharaj ki jai…

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    Thnq sooo much. I’ll be waiting for ur answer baba

  134. ushavenkatesh said

    Baba I want to come to shiridi with my family. But tickets are not available for us. They are in waiting list. Pls bless us baba we want to come to u. We are waiting for ur answer
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram

  135. putil said

    baba mujhe mera pyar chahiye mujhe mera sachi chahiye plz baba main sachi ke bina nhi reh sakti lekin wo mere pyar ko samajhta hi nhi hai

    jawab de

  136. Sai Club Narang Colony, Tri Nagar, Delhi said

    Om Jai Sai Ram
    Sai baba I have no problem who r u a muslim or hindu.But I feel u have power to give right direction to the life of your devoties.
    My life is in ur hand so plz baba bus itni kirpa banay rekha ki mujhe sey koi galat kaam na ho.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  137. rajmahammad ilkal said

    Om sairam Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai sairam

  138. mudang kano said

    Om sai ram!!
    Muje phle itna jankari nahi ta ki sai baba ki wedsite hai, kyoki main jahan se belong karta hun bho tora backward jgha hai ( name:- ziro, distt.lower subansiri, arunachal pradesh, india. Pin 791120. hai.
    Saibaba se mera pehchan bhi uski story ki ek film se hui, mujhe sabse acha laga unka kaha SABKA MALIK EK”

  139. mudang kano said

    Sorry gulti se coment pura kia bina send ho gya,
    Aaj main jo kuch bhi hun baba ki kriipa se hun or main chahta hun ki baba ashirbad deke mujhe mere manjil tak phounchaye, or maine baba se kasam deke rakha hai mera yahan main kisi ko bhi saibaba ka jankari nahi hain, or main chahta hu ki saibaba ka nam desh ke kone kone tak phounche or log use barpur pyar de,
    Mudang Kano
    Ziro, Distt. Lower Subansiri, state:-Arunachal Pradesh, India, pin -791120

  140. manikandan said

    dear friend plz prayer for me b’caz i am very many problem & then not good job for this time i am saibaba bakthar so prayar for me friends

  141. manindra said

    om sar ram….plz help me

  142. manindra said

    om sai ram…plz hlp me

  143. manindra said

    om sai ram…nenu ela ina exam pass avali baba

  144. J Ramesh Kumar said

    Om Sai Ram…….Nee deevenalatho ellappudu e kastam rakudadu anukuntunnanu

  145. J Ramesh Kumar said

    Om sai ram .please help me to solve my problems .protect my family with your blessings

  146. G S Pandey said

    Om Sai Nath, i have lot of tension i dont know wht to do only sairam can help me. Regards

  147. sridevi said

    om sai Ram . baba y my sister marriage postponing when ever we feel okay . again some problem coming . so please give happiness in our life.

  148. baba mujh par kripa kare mere samsya aapse chipi nai hai baba meri madad kare baba ji

  149. Thippeswamy said

    Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Shree Sai Jaya Jaya Sai Ram… Every one had seen BABA , not directly but in the form of some one else, both talked but no one knows and remind that who is that person. . . . .

  150. virender sharma said

    when i m facing critical condition in my life then i remember om sai ram and then problem that i facing is solved ,i believe a lot in sai baba i think he is always with me ooommm saiiiiiiii rammm

  151. Banu Mohan said

    i was suffering from many problem and i believed him he solved my problems so believe him

  152. Prasant said

    I love you baba…

  153. B. Roopa said

    On Sai namo namaha . baba I can feel the the miracle that ur listening my prayers baba I am so happy I am left alone I don’t have anyone even though I have all relations I am left orphan I have no support I m very much depressed please baba will u b with me ever will u forgive my known n unknown mistakes I don’t know wat to do baba please bless me I need you baba

  154. Sara said

    Baba please help me

  155. Kumar Norten said

    im stuck in some miraculous problem,last year i had came out from this issue with the help of god,i want to tel,when i put my head in sairam legs sudently i got guilty n down my dad told me tat story aftr that evrythng got dispeart mind got relifd,n i was taking fasting for each in monthly,nothing hapnd,bt now startd again i dnt whethr pepopls done around me or im think,but i hope still confident n sai ram,he has given a lot in my life two promo+ion i got rigt now,plz sai ram help ur child

  156. hema shu said

    I have trust in u that u will help me

  157. sangeetha said

    plz can u help me out from this situation

  158. shallu sharma said

    Mera sai i love sai mera sai sbni thaiy sai mere liye wo hai jo hr smay mere sath rehta hai agr mai hasti vo hasta hai agr m roti hu vorota hai esa hai mera sai

  159. shallu sharma said

    Sai baba ne muje sb kush diya hmare pass gar nahi tha to baba ne hme gar diya fr mere papa ka accident ho gya to uske liye hmare pass koi b paisa nhi tha to jb doctor ne oprate ke liye bola to hm sb rone lg gye lekin agle din subeh hmare pass paise a gye to hmne papa ka oprate krvaya bt mere papa abi b theek nai hue lekin mera sai vo b theek krdega ese bht sare chamtkar hai jo sai ne hmare liye kre or ab meri marrige hai bt abi tk hmare pass koi paisa nhi hai is liye m apne sai se kehti hun ki ab fr se koi chmtkar krdo baba mere liye itna hi bht hai ki mera sai mere sath rehta hai hr tym omm sai ram

  160. dimpal janeman bhakti kar rhi ho

    vo bhi sai baba ki mujhe tum per garv h . kyoki sai baba hi ekmatra ese sant h jo sabhi sadhu babao v santo m mahan h. baki sabhi devi devta to raja maharaja k putra putri the. lekin jo leela sai ki h a
    si kisi or ki nhi. m to sirf sai baba m vishvash rakhta hu ya fir radhaswami satsang m .good morning jaanu .

    pasand ho to baat kro varna delete kro. krodhit kbhi bhi mat hona sai kahte the. I LOVE U

  161. Kala Ganesh Sairam said

    Sai baba, prapanchamulo teliso teliyako thappulu chestunnaru dhaya vunchi kshaminchu swamy.andharini kapadu swamy papamulanu tholaginchu swamy telisi chose varini sarayina margamulaku tisukarammu baba.



  163. patel said

    The above history concludes that sai baba was not a god instead he used to pray god like saints and fakirs .Now it is our duty that to whome he used to pray by habitating in the mosque in attire of sufis , who is a non veg .And also he instruct to read the hindu litratures and quran .As hindu vedas also mentions in many verses that god is one who doesnt have any images or idols. He is an eternal ,and also it instruct us all that there is a last messenger and final revilation yet to come to whome we all has to follow his showed path.As this is in vedas sai baba wants it to read and understand.The final revilation is quran and final messenger is prophet mohammed peace be upon him. Even according to hindu litratures..sai baba wants every human being to enter into paradise by following and practising the real way of life which is answerable on the judgement day.

  164. soundariya said

    iam in complicated relationship in my love life ,whether sai baba can help me to solve my prob

  165. Om Sai never fails when we worship with true and belief

  166. ushabenlateshuv said

    Baba i want to complete all my subjects and get good job to marry my honey so plssssssssssss bless me baba lv u baba plsssss bless me

  167. Nagaraj said

    Om Sai Ram,

    i have to say baba gave my life back, i was almost in an situation where i had no hope to live my life not because of illness but due to my family issues. I have started going to baba temple, very first time when i entered into baba temple i felt like i’m so happy and got some peace. then i started going to temple from weekly once to daily. I really feel baba is with me on every actions , he is there on each and every sec for me. Now baba solved most of my problems. I have to say baba taught me self respect, good or bad and almost every thing. baba made me good human.

    Have real faith and belief on him, Baba will sure come for you and save you….

  168. srinivas said

    we work sincerely without any selfishness and get good results automatically

  169. pinky said

    baba i believe you very much,i paray u many times.
    why u tested me baba, i am in a vexed state, help me baba.
    i loved my husband and son, we wre seperated now,i am not happy now baba, pls help me to reunity my life, do some miracle baba, i trulu love them ,pls don’t test me baba, u have the capacity and ability to do it, pls pls baba,pls

  170. venlateshushauv said

    Baba plsss plssss plssss save in help less condition I want to complete my without any problems I want good job.please baba save in this time.please give one cgame and opportunity in this time plssss save me baba.I want your help baba please bless me and save me in this time.baba please save me.

  171. venlateshushauv said

    Baba i am facing critical situations in my life please save me something for me baba please bless me.please please please baba save save in this position I definitely come shiridi baba please save me

  172. Gayathri said

    OM SAI BABA !!!!!!!
    Am very jovial and funny person.. Bt past few days due to one boy am facing N number of probz.. I loved him truly,Bt he treated me lyk shit.. Due to tat i felt him,And came back to ma home,Bt still he touring me by creating fake account n posting ma pics,and talking bad abt me to others.. I cant bare dis sai baba , Daily am crying lyk anything 😦 U should help me.. u r ma ly hope …

    • shirdisainath said

      Your current happiness and sadness is based on your past birth. Have faith and patience to Sai. He will do the best. No one can escape from Karma. Om Sai Ram

  173. Ajar rai said

    Baba meri madad karo pls meri help karo
    Meri problam solv kar do pls

  174. smruti ranjan said

    My mom is now very seak.i m always praying to sai ram day and night to heal her soon…. N i hv no any other option too…please sai ram…heal my mother soon…..OM SAI RAM

  175. Bali sai bhakt said

    kon ha mata pita kon ha yehe na kisi ne bhi jana..kahaa janam sai ne dharaa prashan paheli rahaa bana. OM SAI RAM.

  176. Aditya prasad singh said

    Bless me with health knowledge and love

  177. monica said

    Om Sai nathaya namah…

  178. Venkatesh said

    Enti baba Idi ninnu nammukunnaduku chala baga hlp chesthnav.lyflo ylantivi situations rakudadani anukunano alantivi honeyni kapadu papam pichidi baba adi.kavalamtey Nannu champey Kani Danni kapadu baba plssss bless her

  179. Venkatesh said

    Honey ni hpyga unchu baba adi epudu hpyga undali.nannu ennaina kastalu petu baristhanu adi baga undali baba adi hpyga undadame Kavali.kapadu plssss save her
    Om Sairam
    Om Sairam
    Om Sairam
    Om Sairam
    Om Sairam
    Om Sairam
    Om Sairam
    Om Sairam
    Om Sairam
    Om Sairam
    Om Sairam
    Kapadu baba na ushani hpyga umchi

  180. Venkatesh said

    Naku thelikunda na pranam thesesko baba ushaki hpy lyf ivi help her

  181. dibyaranjan mishra said

    baba mera v bahat problem ho raha hai ….kya batau baba aapko to sab kuch malum hai…..av mujhe lagta hai mera koi v sahara nai he baba ………par me ye suna hun ki jiska koi sahara nai hota uaka bhagwan sahara hota hai ….or baba mujhe biswas hai ki aap mujhe sahara doge …..plz baba ujhe aapka sahara chahiyeplz help karo baba

  182. amarnath said

    om sai ram jai sai ram…baba is my guru

  183. Swarnim Sinha said

    Om sai ram. Sai baba thank you so much. I have done many sins. Hurt many people. Lie my parents.. M really sorry for that. Ab ja kr apne galti ka ehsaas hua hai. Aapne mujhe bola ki help needy nd donate food. I promise I will do the same till my last breath. But plz mujhe thik kr do, I knw meri wish selfish wali hai.. But sach me ab mai acchi wali chng launga apne me. But plz thik kr do na sai baba.. Pehle jaisa kr do.. Aap to sab jante ho na.. Plz help me,, plz. M really sorry,, plz forgive me. Aapne bola mujhme faith rakho,, I hv faith in u baba. Nd aap mujhe thik kr doge na plzzz..
    Om sai ram…

  184. Swarnim Sinha said

    Om sai ram..
    Sai baba m really sorry,, I have done many sins,, hurt many people,, kie my parents,, broke trust of many people,. Actually, mai alot ajeeb thi,, janti thi jo ai kr rhi hu wo sahi nhi h but,, fir bhi mai wo krti thi.. Nd thn, bgwan ji ko sorry bol deti thi.. Nd mujhe lgta tha wo maaf kr denge mujhe,, nhi..Actually,, kuch nhi lgta tha,, mai wiswas krti hu bhagwan pe,, but mai sayad kabhi sacche mann se prayer nhi ki.. Selfish thi na mai.. Dusro k baare jyada nhi sochti thi.. Mumma papa k sath acche se behave nhi kiya.. Bahot hurt kiya sabhi ko.. M sorry.. I have done many sins.. Plz maaf kr do mujhe.. Ab ja k pata chla.. Galiyon ki saja jarur milti.. Chahe kuch time baad mile ya usi time mule,, but saja jarur milti hai.. Jo mujhe bhi mili.. M sorry,,.
    Jab mere paas koi option nhi raha tab mai pray krna start ki.. Ye bhi to thoda selfishness hi tha.. Mai chahti to hmesa pray krti na.. But nhi jab tak koi problm nhi aaye tab tak pray krna suru hi nhi kiya.. Jb pray krna suru kiya.. To kuch time l ki bhgwan hi help kr skti hai meri.. Bahot kuch try kiya.. Fir ek din sai baba ki site dekha net pe.. Nd baba se pray kiya.. Nd sach me maine jo pray kiya tha uska asar hua tha..Mai bahot khush hui thi.. But fir se sab pehle jaisa ho gya tha.. Sayad meri galti k wajah se.
    Mai har din wo site Search krti thi.. Nd usme kuch likha rha.. Kuch din baad mujhe lga ki isse jo likha h wo galat hai.. But faith to tha baba pe..
    Nd sach don’t know how,, actually.. its only becoz of baba wo sab sach ho gya.. Fir mere mann me ek nayi ummid aa gyi…. Sai baba plz meri prayer sunn lo.. I promise mai kuch galti nhi krungi ab..,, I’ll help the needy,, donate food.. M really sorry..Maine bahot sari galtiya or paap kiya h.. Maaf kr do mujhe plz.. Mahadev k mandir me maine jo kiya tha wo nhi krna chahiye tha mujhe….m sorry.Aap to sab jante ho na.. Sirf 5 month baki hai abhi.. Plz thik kr do I promise mai accha krungi.. Meri wish selfish wali hai sai baba.. But ab mai selfish nhi hu.. Mai accha krungi sai baba.. I promise. Plz thik kr do mujhe plzzz..
    Om sai ram

  185. Swarnim said

    Sai Baba.. Aap to sab jante ho.. Plz maaf kr do mujhe.. Mujhse ab bhi koi galti ho gyi to maaf kr do.. M really sorry..
    Om sai ram
    Patience Faith
    Sabko malik ek hai

  186. Swarnim said

    Sabka malik ek hai

  187. jay sai ram

  188. jay sai ram

  189. S.faridha banu said

    I love sairam I have lot of tension and problems pls help me sairam

  190. shanmu said

    ohm sai sri dai… kindly help .. i lot of pains.. i need to leave from the pain.. please help… i wont get fear because you are with me…

  191. shanmugavalli said


    ohm sairam..kindly help me..having lot of pains about my family.. because of that cant even sleep.. my father was not feeling weell.. please help him to come as past..

    need your support sai..

  192. Prince verma said

    Sai baba ki jai

  193. sunithashivu said

    when there is problem sairam always help. one who belive him he always show the how to slove the problem. sai is the wonder

  194. Venugopal said

    Was Baba Participated in freedom struggle or freedom movement…

  195. sweety said

    Om Sai Ram
    Sai Baba I need ur help in my life. i m very depress now. Pls baba help me to get my life & happiness. Pls Baba listen my prayer & solve it.

  196. ST Saison said

    Baba Always Every Place Every Time Available…….Shardhha Saburi

  197. ST Saison said

    Shrdhha Saburi…….Baba Always prepare for help devotee…..

  198. Deepak said

    Om sai ram.. Baba plz help me.. M going through a phase of failure. .Nothing is goin in my favor.. Mera pyar bhi mujhse dur chala gya..aap sbpe kripa krte hai, meri bhi pareshani sb dur kr dijiye..

  199. Nagaraj Pandian said

    Baba did some fantastic thing in my life. one month back i lost my job due to some reason i felt very sad and i don’t know what to do next i felt like very very sad, but at that moment also i have a good belief in baba that he is doing that for some reason. Having a great belief in baba again i have started searching for a job, no one can believe this he made me to get my dream job in my dream company i will be joining this company on coming thursday(Baba’s day)

    . Even when i’m preparing for the interview he was with me throughout the day and night and whenever i felt like sleeping baba say’s not now, i heard his word’s till i finish all my interview he is with me and he made me to get the job. i don’t what they have asked what i told, baba took care of all this things.

    From this i have understood only one thing if you believe in baba even whatever comes don’t loose the hope. strongly hold baba’s hand and walk with him He will take you where you have to be.

    Believe in baba nothing else. he will be there for you at all time as a father, mother,guru and as everything.

    In this world nothing is permanent except babaji. Om Sai Ram.

  200. swikriti singh said

    I need ur blessings… Sai nath..

  201. swarnim said

    Baba.. plz help me. kuch to kro. aapko to pta hai ab mere ko sirf aap hi bacha skte ho. koi miracle kr do baba plz.
    om sai ram

  202. Swarnim said

    plz.. help me. ab to koi azooba kr do baba please..
    om sai ram

  203. Ranjeet Singh said

    Said baba ..please merit Maa ko theek karo

  204. Ranjeet Singh said

    Sai baba please meri Maa ko theek karo…pls pls

  205. supriya dhumal said

    jai shri ram

  206. Sai beti said

    Om sai ram…hamesha paas rehna baba haar roop mein…plz help me mere sai..I am ur child..plz save me..u be wid me in my trust and patience of every situation of my lyf…om sai ram…jai jai sai ram..

  207. nitin Kanchan said

    Will I be successful this year in my job and how will be my family life

  208. kirithika kalaiselvan said

    om sri sai…will i get a baby this year..?

  209. sanjay ghadge said

    Om sai ram
    Sainath maharaj. Ki jay

  210. kani said

    I wish you to marry my loved one.Help me baba…om sai ram

  211. divya banjan said

    Thank u so much baba
    I wants ur Grace
    Om shirdi sairam

  212. manoj said

    i am suffering from problem of religion of love plzzzzzz help me om Sai ram

  213. Sangram Keshari Sahu said

    At the age of 50 I truly discovered Baba akin to my God who helps me when I badly need. My faith in God is always shaken until I was 50. But I pray the rest of my life is spent praying Baba.

    I have heard about baba since I was 36. Then I was taken by someone to Baba’s temple. But then I could not find Baba akin to the god I believe. This was my misfortune. I have never disrespected Baba in any form as I slways respect mass feelings.

    Now I realise that if I believed Baba 12 years ago I would have never undergone the misfortunes I suffered during the period. I consider that I could not believe in Baba because I was not destined for Baba’s blessings then.

    Often our knowledge, ego and high social profile play the role of barriers to discover god. Exactly this has happened to me. Its only after my wife’s interest I reposed my faith and finally discovered within myself.

    Help me Baba help myself and to those who need me.

    Crores of Reverence to You

  214. Nithya priya said

    Om sai ram… I want about sai ram more details love u sai ram

    • Sangram Keshari Sahu said

      When Baba himself did not wish it necessary to disclose His origin and ascendants, its better we honor His silence and accept Him as He is.
      Had it been necessary He of course would have substantiated. But still trying to discover things He did not find important to disclose would be a disrespect to anybody having faith in Him. After all what more can we do if we get to know what we wish to know.
      This is my personal view.

  215. Chandan Shukla said

    what is the father name of saibaba, anyone knows about it… I sure no one knows. think about it that why…

    • shirdisainath said

      What there to think ?? He came for us to save from problems.. if you have faith and patience then be with him.. else not worry who is he and where is he from.. thanks

  216. Anmol said

    Omm Sai ram I can’t say what Sai can do for me…… I leave everything but I can’t leave baba because I love him very much….. He gave everything that a man need.. He understands all problems of man…… I am so proud of Sai baba…. I love you so much baba…. Omm Sai ram

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